EF MEDI SPA与阿法蓓肤的不解之缘

在3年前,EF MEDI SPA(英国高端美容连锁机构,在伦敦有4家连锁店)创始人 Esther Fieldgrass在摩纳哥的皮肤抗衰老会议时,瞬间就被阿法蓓肤的“活性抗氧化剂”给吸引住了,以下是Esther Fieldgrass的访谈实录:
Hello, I’m Esther Fieldgrass of EF MEDISPA London.I have four aesthetic clinics in London where we specialise in everything from surgery all the way through to beauty treatments for the skin and body. Over the past 12 years EF MEDISPAhas become  known as clinic of excellence. We have won many major awards in the UK and because of that our clients actually respect and listen to everything we have to tell them about the skincare products we  use.
EF MEDI SPA创始人 Esther Fieldgrass
I actually came across Alphascience three years ago when I was attended the Anti-Ageing Conference in Monaco, I was intrigued by the sign which said THE ACTIVE

Now, for me Antioxidant is something which is very essential on the skin for everyday use, to work with free radicals to heat them up and totally take care of the skin.

We use the Alphascience range in house in our treatments as well as to give our clients after they had such thing as surgery and also for doing injectables.

So many of our clients coming for injectables treatments, and we will use the Alphascience products directly after; starting with Regen, which is very calming and

soothing and depending on their skin type giving the products.which it’s right for them.
People always ask me what do I use on my skin and so I have to tell them that I have pigmentation, like many people of my age and I use Alpha Bright in the evening

on the pigmentation. And for a couple of months since I  started this has really lift off my pigmentation.
Tannic is a very unique product, a great antioxidant and great for someone slighter older, for actually more mature skin. I use it because my skin dries out and I found this works

really well on my skin.
They have different products in the range, for younger skin as well. So if anybody is interested in that, please give us a call and we will talk you through all the different items they

have in the Alphascience range.
And I’m really excited because next week they are bringing out the HA Booster   which I can wait to get my hands on.

Hyaluronic Acid for plumping and firming the skin, rehydrating, a great moisturiser.
So anyone is out there please get in contact with us. Thank you

我在伦敦有四家美容诊所,我们专门从事从医疗美容手术,从脸部皮肤到身体的美容的所有业务。在过去的12年中,EF MEDISPA已经成为被称为卓越诊所。我们在英国赢得了



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